Therapy is Designed as a Safe Relationship

Therapy is designed to be a safe relationship where we can focus on your concerns from your perspective. It is a joining together to explore your journey, your experiences, your hopes, concerns, difficulties and dreams for your future. It is a place where we hope that you feel truly heard and understood by a trained professional outside of your friends and family. A therapist is that ‘third party observer’ that assists you in discovering what your heart may be trying to tell you in the midst of our noisy lives that are often full of demands.

Let’s explore together

This exploration takes place around present issues, current or past relationships, or looking at patterns that stem from the past. My role is to follow you in your exploration, assisting you in navigating life decisions, stresses, triggers and difficulties in relationships. Little by little hope grows, light builds and a better sense of who you are in the midst of your experiences becomes clear.

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